Ink & Clay Exhibit 39

The Kellogg Art Gallery Presents

Printmaking Artists, Ceramic and Clay Sculptors

Ink Media Co-Juror

Michael David

Michael David - Professor and Chair of Fine Arts, Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University

Judging artwork is always subjective and can differ from day-to-day or even hour-to-hour. For that reason I try not to be impulsive and often view all the submitted works numerous times over several days. I look for work that impresses me over and over and does not loose my interest or my fascination with it. Often it is work unique to the artist in some way / look for that element of surprise, something I had never seen before or done quite in the same way I have no preference between figurative or abstract imagery, media or conceptual ideology If it 1 seems genuine in its intentions, honest in its execution and serious of its content, I will want to look at it ... again and again.

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